Community Services

From Left to Right: Mr. Alaa AlMubarak – Secretary (Muharraq Welfare), Dr. Farouq A. Al Hamdan – Director  (SSI), Mr Mohammad Mazin – Personal Assistant (SSI)

Our team from the Back Pain & Spine Surgery Centre SSI recently visited the Muharraq Social Welfare Centre. At their Centre, the secretary – Mr. Alaa highlighted the importance of aiding the old and homeless people by providing them with proper shelter and care. It was a great privilege for SSI to be present there to gain an insightful experience at how the Centre operates and the importance of donation. The team also offered to provide free medical service to all those at the Centre.

To know more about this Centre, you can visit them at: https://mlsd.gov.bh/en/elderly/

Community Services

Ramadan 1442 – SSI Chairman Dr.F.A.Al Hamdan was presented a special plate marking the 25th anniversary of the Muharraq Social Welfare Centre. This humble gesture was made keeping in mind the doctor’s contribution made towards the centre.

Community Services

Eid Mubarak and Eid Al Adha 2021

The SSI Team made a generous donation to the senior citizen’s home. The team provided each resident of the senior home with new thoves and jalabiyas. This is a testimony that SSI has always been  and will  continue to be a part of the community.

Community Services

From left to right: Ms. Badreya A. Al Janahi – Incharge (Muharraq Welfare Center), Ms. Mary Paul – Clinic Manager (SSI), Mr. Mazin Raza – Office Manager (SSI), Mr. Alaa AlMubarak – Secretary (Muharraq Welfare Center), Nursing staff (Muharraq Welfare Center)

Our team from SSI clinic recently paid a visit to the Muharraq Social Welfare Centre and provided them with medical supplies to help the residents and help promote the message of helping the elderly and supporting the community.

Back pain School

For Patients prevention and education groups are schedule for classes, Please enquire for your free session.

Patient Assistance

SSI is proud member of the community providing treatment with discount and fees waivable and we also donate medication and supplies.


You can donate to the patients assistance fund.


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