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SSI is a orthopaedic specialized clinic in Bahrain, which specializes in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of back pain and spinal diseases in adults and children. The most effective treatment. Using the most modern technology and equipment, SSI strive to provide the best and least invasive solution for each specific case. has been around for many years. We are happy to meet you and help you with rehabilitation and pain relief, spinal deformities, spinal tumors, infections and spinal cord injuries. We provide personalized care and focus on educating patients about neurological conditions, their spinal pain and treatment options. Our innovative skills, thorough training and in-depth knowledge of anatomy and surgery enable us to provide safe and effective treatment and relief for a wide range of painful conditions of the spine.

SSI Spine Treatment Centers is a state-of-the-art non-surgical back and neck pain center, SSI also provides state-of-the-art spinal surgery to all patients in accordance with North American standards of care.

SSI Spine Treatment Centers offers modern equipment for the treatment of all types of spinal pathologies. It has a team of dedicated, internationally trained and respected Spine Surgeons who deliver the most advanced surgical and medical technology.Spinal trauma, back pain, spinal deformity, swelling, osteoporosis, etc. Motion-preserving spine surgery including disc replacement and dynamic fixation, minimally invasive spinal surgery including endoscopic discectomy, minimally invasive screw fixation and decompression, transrethralization combined endoscopic / thoracic and modern methods of pain and spasticity control are some of the modern surgical techniques practiced at the center.


“We are fully committed to our patients, relieving back pain and allowing people to return to their normal activities.”

Our mission is to provide our patients with specialized spine care of the highest level. This includes extremely compassionate, courteous and timely care combined with state of the art technology and surgical expertise.

Patients looking for information or advice will be welcomed by our friendly and helpful staff. help educate and treat patients with spinal disorders.

Dr. Hamdan is committed to treating his patients with the most effective and innovative conservative and non-surgical therapies that often work.The vast majority of patients treated at the Center have improved remarkably and have never had to undergo surgery. Surgery is usually only recommended for patients who do not benefit from conservative treatment. Fortunately, there are newer and minimally invasive surgical techniques, many of which have been developed or improved. Dr. Hamdan, allowing patients to recover much faster and with better results. Dr. Hamdan also has unique experience in the correction and reconstruction of spinal diseases, regularly performing complex open spine surgeries when indicated.

Therefore, the faculty and staff of the SSI Back Pain Center are fully dedicated to providing specialized spine care of the highest level so that patients do not get sick and return to their activities and normal life.


Our goal is to reach all the people with spine related injuries by delivering medical excellence through scientific expertise and optimizing patient self-care and independence in rehabilitation.

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SSI Centers for Back and Neck Pain offers comprehensive services for the treatment of back pain, from minor back pain resulting from various sprains and stress to acute and chronic back pain that can last for weeks or months.


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